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This has been tradition and quality since 1954. We produce die forgings and rolled rings made of carbon and alloy steels as required by the client. In the die forgings market, we maintain an important position not only in the Czech Republic but also in the EU countries.

Our team of qualified specialists will prepare design solutions for complex projects, of course, quality control and certificate certification according to the customer's requirements.

Quality and tradition as the main pillars of our company

Each product is properly subjected to quality control by standard gauges and templates prior before shipping to the client. With efficient process control, we can produce up to 7,000 tonnes of forgings per year. We use tools such as FMEA, 5S, CmK and TPM to provide you the highest quality products in the shortest possible time.


We have been awarded the Czech Stability Award AAA as part of the Czech Top 100 ranking, making us one of the most stable companies in the Czech Republic. We have also been awarded the Czech Business Superbrands and Slovak Business Superbrands in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, respectively. Our achievements motivate us and move us onwards.


From tractors to forging

The first Z25 tractor was constructed on 15 March 1946, with the name ZETOR. The word was created by the combination of the name ZET (used by the Zbrojovka Brno factory) and OR from the word tractor.

In 1954, we began to specialize in bearing forgings, whose production, along with the production of forgings for the tractor sector, later moved to new production facilities.

The origin of ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o.

In the 1990s, the company was in a difficult economic situation, which was solved by the arrival of a strong strategic investor. In 2002, the new owner became HTC holding a.s., which invested sufficient funds to save the company from bankruptcy.

In 2004, the company ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. was established and so began a new, successful era of the company.

Environmental protection is essential for us

Our company respects the environment not only during the development of new products but also their production. We continuously strive to improve environmental protection and pollution prevention, reduce the environmental and energy impact of activities and services, maintain and improve the company’s environmental and energy profile, modify and replace existing technologies so that environmentally-friendly materials and substances are used leading to a reduction of CO2 emissions.

Ethical code of ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o.

Zero tolerance of unethical and unlawful behavior
  • ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. acknowledges high moral values and principles, and emphasizes compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

  • ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. does not tolerate any unlawful, unethical or unfair behavior.

  • Each and every employee is obliged to work properly according to his/her strengths, knowledge and abilities and to avoid any action that could endanger the legitimate interests of ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. or its property.
Protection of the reputation of the company
  • ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. is a company with a long tradition and name.

  • Employees are committed to maintaining the reputation of the company and avoiding any action that could threaten or damage the reputation of the company.

  • Employees retain confidentiality about facts learned during their employment and which in the company’s interest cannot be communicated to third parties.
Binding nature of the Code of Ethics
  • The Code of Ethics of ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. is binding not only for employees, but also by the business partners of ZETOR KOVÁRNA s.r.o.

  • In relation to the Code of Ethics of ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. an implementing directive on the Code of Ethics is adopted to define more detailed principles and rules for its observance and implementation at ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o.
Binding nature of the Code of Ethics
  • All decisions made during the course of their duties by the employees of ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. shall be in favor of and in accordance with the best interests of ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. Employees must not pursue personal interests or benefits at the expense of the interest and benefits of ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o.

  • Employees shall not accept or offer gifts or hospitality that may create a commitment in the future to the provider of the gift or hospitality, or the appearance of such a commitment, taking into account common sense, local customs or practices.

  • Employees, business partners and customers of ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. are given the opportunity to draw attention to unethical or fraudulent behavior through established channels.
Supplier quality = product quality = customer satisfaction
  • ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. is aware of the importance of human potential, not only in the form of its employees, but also of its suppliers and customers.

  • ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. and its employees are experts in their field and respect the legitimate interests and requirements of their business partners.

  • Integrity and fair relationships are the basis for business success.

  • Suppliers are selected with the utmost care to achieve the highest standards of product quality for customer satisfaction.

  • ZETOR KOVÁRNA, s.r.o. is the holder of ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2009 certification.


In order to ensure compliance with legal, internal and ethical standards, we provide our customers, partners and employees the opportunity to report cases of unethical or fraudulent behavior.

Rules for reporting cases of unethical or fraudulent behavior

The notice should contain as much specific information as possible, including the names of persons involved, witnesses and other possible sources of relevant information.

Direct notification of unethical and fraudulent behavior is preferred, but it can also be done anonymously. However, anonymous notifications may complicate or prevent the proper scrutiny and examination of the matter and the adoption of the appropriate measures.

All notifications will be considered confidential.

ZETOR KOVÁRNA s.r.o. guarantees protection of persons making a notification against any repression in connection with the notification made and any manifestations of such behavior will not be tolerated.

Abuse of this procedure to make false accusations is unacceptable. Such behavior will not be tolerated and, depending on the seriousness of such a false accusation, may be referred to the law enforcement authorities for further investigation.

Persons making a non-anonymous notification will be informed of its conclusions after the conclusion.

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