Our services

Technical preparation of production line-gray

The production process begins with our development team, which designs the structure and technology of the die forgings. During production, we use modern 3D software to produce even more difficult forgings.

Forging line-gray

After the technical preparation and division of materials, we then use all types of forging steel for the production of forgings from 0.2 to 40 kg. Thanks to our modern automated production lines, we can produce forgings of up to 400 mm in diameter and 500 mm in length.

Heat treatment line-gray

All types of forgings are heat treated in our electric resistance furnaces. We have both continuous and chamber furnaces, and we perform annealing and refining on 8 production lines.

Final treatment line-gray

At the end, we perform surface treatment according to your requirements. We remove the scales, we calibrate and straighten cold forgings, grind them, and then control them using magnetic powder methods.

Machining line-gray

We perform machining of die forgings on modern CNC machines to achieve the desired shape quickly, efficiently and precisely.

Quality line-gray

Quality area is managed according to ISO 9001. We guarantee the quality of our products by setting control activities throughout the production process, we plan FMEA methods, control plans, SPC, verify machine and process capability, and evaluate quality in sample management.

Tool manufacturing line-gray

We provide comprehensive services from tool design to production, taking into consideration their service life and the weight of consumable materials.

Career line-gray

Do you have experience with fittings and want to learn more about designing and manufacturing? Join the ZETOR KOVÁRNA team